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Time! I need more of it.

Right now I’m torn between four open stories and it’s driving me crazy. I wish my mind could split into “multiple desktops”, like on a computer. That way I could work on them without having to put some back in the drawer. Crap.

Since after launching Naked about a week ago, and approving the final paperback proof this week, I have been split: I want to finish these four stories that I’ve started but I can’t choose.

Well… That is a bit of a lie.

I think I’ve already chosen what I’m going to work on next. It will be the story of Lucy Mills, Liz Harper’s cousin in Naked. I chose this one because it’s a story that I wanted to tell ever since Lucy Mills came to be—as the firecracker, red-haired, free-love supporter, faux-starving-artist cousin of ‘preppy’ Liz.
I didn’t have a clue what that story would be until after I released Liz’s book. Then, I found out the story I’ve been mulling over for about a week was Lucy’s, and I don’t want to let it go, so I’ll be doing that.

That doesn’t mean I’m finishing Lucy’s book next, which is unfortunate. But whichever I finish next, I know I will love it because I love it all—the stories, the characters, the angst, the process.

Damn it, writing is awesome!